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    315w Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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315w Monocrystalline Solar Panel product description:

  Electrical parameters  at Standard  Test Conditions   (STC)
  Module type

YLxxxD-30b (xxx=Pmax)
  Power output  Pmax  W  300  305  310  315  320  325
  Power  output tolerances  ΔPmax  W  0/+5
  Module  efficiency  ηm  %  18.3  18.6  18.9  19.2  19.6  19.9
  Voltage  at Pmax  Vmpp  V  32.75  33.02  33.30  33.55  33.83  34.09
  Current at Pmax  Impp  A  9.17  9.24  9.31  9.39  9.46  9.54
  Open-circuit  voltage  Voc  V  39.95  40.10  40.25  40.40  40.55  40.70
  Short-circuit  current  Isc  A  9.70  9.77  9.83  9.90  9.97  10.03

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company information:

Jinshang New Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 and now has 12 subsidiaries with two major sections, namely non-ferrous metal processing and sales and new energy development and application. Committed to the production and sales of aluminum, copper, brass products, solar panel, the construction of solar power stations, the research and development of new energy products, and provide complete solar solutions.After the establishment of the group company, it integrates the resources of its subsidiaries and makes use of the group's advantages in strategic planning, industrial project development and unified management to make the group bigger and stronger.

The company is engaged in flattening and cross-cutting of copper and aluminum plates, longitudinal cutting and slitting of copper and aluminum strip, sawing of aluminum alloy medium and thick plates, sawing of copper and aluminum bars, surface finishing and coating of copper and aluminum plates, and copper and aluminum plate shaped processing. Finishing of aluminum series materials. Committed to the production of solar panels, the construction of solar power stations, the research and development of new energy products, and the provision of complete solar solutions.

In the new energy section, Jinshang New Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. is the main body of development and investment, based on the intelligent manufacturing of high-efficiency crystalline silicon battery modules and the production of photovoltaic applications, and led by the manufacturing of high-end energy storage equipment, to develop new energy storage microgrid applications Technology, taking the regional consumption and sales of distributed energy as the market direction, comprehensively improve the power generation revenue of photovoltaics and other new energy sources, and provide a guarantee for the healthy development of new energy.



1. Q: What is the main thing to do?

Answer: Non-ferrous metal processing and sales and new energy development and application

2. Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A: Our factory is located in Yantai city,Shandong province, China. You can fly to Yantai airport or Yantai railway station.We will pick up you there.

3. Q: Does your company also provide other solar products except solar panel?

A: Yes, we also provide solar power system,solar street light,solar mosquito killing lamp etc.Our technical team provide one stop solution.

4. Q: Can the price be cheaper?

A: Of course, you will be offered a good discount for big amount

5.Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

A: We are an intelligent factory,owing automatic production line,it decreases the labor cost a lot and make our price is very competitive.