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1.Team Building

The engineering team ofGoldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,is led by a professor studied abroad, and 40% of which are middle and high grade engineers. The key staffs graduated from Peking University and other famous universities, who worked for PV solar industry, control system, lightning system and other new energy and energy saving industry with rich experience in science research, inspection and testing, product development, process technology, equipment and project engineering.

2.Platform Building

Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,cooperated with Yantai University, Ludong University, and China Academy of Building Research and set up the first public research centre for PV solar power comprehensive application engineering and technology. With the help and support of The institute of electrical engineering (IEE), Chinese academy of sciences (CAS) and China National Center of Supervision and Inspection on Solar PV Products Quality,Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,set up the public Center of Inspection on Solar PV Products Quality.Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,cooperated with Wanhua Group, Yantai University and NO. 513 institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to set up green intelligent BIPV, intelligent power, and Internet of Things industry.


Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,invest 12% of the total sales revenue to the research and development to launch new products and make innovations. Currently the company have 4 series of products with around 100 kinds of products. Most of the products are of advanced level in the regards of quality and technology.

Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,was certified for the Intelligent and Patent Management and have patents and key technology in BIPV, special PV modular for construction, solar LED products and solar home power system.

Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,is also active in participating in the draft and edit of industrial standard and technical regulation.

Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,is one of the main editor of Technical Regulation on BIPV for China Engineering and Construction Association. Recent years,Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd ,won two provincial science and technical achievements and one national science and technical achievement.


The assemble line for the solar panel covers 17000 square meters and PV solar application products line covers 3700 square meters. The company operates strictly complying with ISO9001 international standards and imported advanced equipment for the manufacture.