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Company Profile

    Goldsun GROUP  has 12 subsidiaries with two major sections, namely non-ferrous metal processing and sales and new energy development and application. After the establishment of the group company, it integrates the resources of its subsidiaries and makes use of the group's advantages in strategic planning, industrial project development and unified management to make the group bigger and stronger. 

Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to the production of solar panels, the construction of solar power stations, the research and development of new energy products, and the provision of complete solar solutions. Production of multi-bus single-glass, double-glass solar panels, double-sided solar panels. It also produces 5BB,9BB and 12BB photovoltaic modules and customized special-shaped, special-purpose photovoltaic modules, and has a complete photovoltaic module product line. The company has an international intelligent production line and the entire production line MES system. The equipment includes advanced multi-bus automatic soldering machine, photovoltaic typesetting robot, automatic laminating machine, single-layer double-cavity laminating machine and advanced testing equipment, which ensure the high productivity, low cost and stable and reliable quality of our products.

  Yantai Baodi Copper & Aluminum Co., Ltd is a company that produces, processes, and sells aluminum and copper products; it is currently the company that produces and sells aluminum and copper products in North China, and is the only company that can provide net scale specifications according to customer requirements. Our company is a professional non-ferrous metal company with self-support import and export rights. Main processing: The company has rollers, annealing furnaces, tie rod machines, slitting machines, extruders, shears, plate sawing machines, pipe sawing machines, circular cutting machines, triangle cutting machines, laminating machines, etc. Processing Equipment. Main processing, production and sales: Aluminum series: pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, hard aluminum plate, aluminum coil, aluminum checkered plate, aluminum round bar, aluminum square bar, aluminum flat bar, aluminum tube, industrial aluminum profile, special aluminum extrusion Wait. Copper series: copper plate, copper strip, copper tube, copper rod, copper wire, copper profile, etc

Perfect service: Goldsun GROUP advocates the corporate culture concept of "honesty and credibility, standardized management, technical service, and social contribution". Over the years, we have maintained friendly and harmonious cooperative relations with domestic and foreign partners. For customers with multiple varieties and specifications, our company also has professional selection and timely deployment. With its development and influence as well as high-quality services, the company’s domestic sales network currently covers Yantai, Qingdao, Dalian, Weihai, Weifang, Shandong, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hebei, Tianjin and Northeast China, North China, East China, and other regions. Still extending. Our international business has also established long-term and stable copper mine relations with countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.