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Production line

       Yantai Baodi Copper & Aluminum Co.,Ltd A company that produces, processes, and sells aluminum and copper products; it is currently one of the largest aluminum and copper product production and sales companies in North China, and the only company that can provide net scale specifications according to customer requirements. Our company is a professional non-ferrous metal company with self-support import and export rights.

       Yantai Baodi Copper & Aluminum Co.,Ltd has professional processing equipment such as rollers, annealing furnaces, tie rod machines, slitting machines, extruders, shears, sheet sawing machines, pipe sawing machines, circular cutting triangle machines, and laminating machines.

        Production and sale Aluminum series: pure aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, hard aluminum plate, aluminum coil, aluminum pattern plate, aluminum round bar, aluminum square bar, aluminum flat bar, aluminum tube, industrial aluminum profile, special aluminum extrusion, etc.  Copper series: copper plate, copper strip, copper tube, copper rod, copper wire, copper profile, etc.