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    11W 10watt Wholesale Poly Solar Panels From Chinese Suppliers

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Features of poly solar module:

1.High efficiency solar cells with high transmission and textured glass are delivering high efficiency for modules;

2.Bypass diode minimizes the power drop caused by shade;

3.Tempered glass, EVA resin, and weatherproof film, plus aluminum

frame for extended outdoor use;

4.Modules independently tested to ensure conformance with certification

 and regulatory standards;

5. Manufacturing facility certified to ISO9001 ISO14001 quality management system standards.


Description of every parts:

1.Junction Box in proof-water with TUV Certificate

2.Solar Cable & Connector with TUV Certificate

4.Toughed Glass: The glass is super white cloth grain of toughened glass , the thickness of 3.2mm ,  the solar cell spectral response range of wavelengths (320-1100 nm), light transmittance over 91% , Ultraviolet light radiation , light transmittance is not falling .Toughened glass is made of components can withstand 25 mm in diameter of hockey hit at a speed of 23 m/s.

5.EVA:  0.5 mm thickness with high quality EVA film as sealant of solar cell and and the connection between the glass, TPT agent. With high light transmittance and anti-aging ability. Solar cell encapsulation of EVA film after curing performance requirements:

Light transmittance is greater than 91% ; Crosslinking degree is during from 70 to 90% ; Peel strength (N/cm), glass/film is more than 30 ; TPT/film is more than 15 ; Temperature resistance is from - 40° C to 85° C.

6.TPT BackSheet: the back of the solar panel, ageing resistance , corrosion resistance , resistance to ultraviolet radiation, airtight, etc. Basic requirements.

7.Frame: aluminum alloy frame with high intensit , mechanical shock resistance ability.Strong, lightweight aluminum frame design with reinforced sealing and load hold to prevent freezing and warping, and stand against high wind.




-Vertically integrated production line from silicon ingot- silicon wafers- solar cell- solar modules assembly  with highly automatic production line;

-More than 5 quality control points in each production process;

-All the staff went through strict training and testing before start work;

-All the equipment do calibration every 24 hours;

-R &D center focus on high efficiency solar cells and stable,higher output solar panels;

-Strictly raw material checking for raw silicon, glass, backsheet, EVA, Junction Box, etc.


-Is a listed company in Chinese Stock Market ( Stock Name: Goldsun New Energy; Stock Code: 833512 )

-located in the High-tech Industrial Zone in Yantai City of Shandong Province covers an area about 60,000 meters square with registeis capital of 52.62 million yuan.

-A sales network covering Europe, USA, Australia and Asia Pacific Region

-Production capacity with 660MW/Year

-Developing Projects & Distributed Generation Projects

-Project operating and maintaining

-After sale service:Quality claim will be responsed within 24 hours.

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